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The Club Choiseul is the Institute’s laboratory of ideas. The Club gathers top personalities of the world’s economic, political and institutional sectors, as well as ideas.


A space for dialogue

Observation stage for great challenges, practical analysis, identification of innovative actors, decryption of strategies and evaluation of policies and politics; Club Choiseul takes in key actors of activities of vast sectors.  A meeting place for debate and interchange of ideas, Club Choiseul directly nourishes the Institute’s thoughts, some concluded by research and made known through articles, notes or studies.

As well as contributing to the Institute’s activities, Club Choiseul is a privileged space where its members can meet.  As active and influential network, it facilitates a better understanding of the great challenges and allows direct access to top level leaders.

Also at these meetings, the Institute organizes prestigious events (presentation of Choiseul Award to a relevant political figure, business or intellectual leader) or limited demonstrations at the members’ request.

Network of key actors

Club Choiseul is only accessible by cooptation.  It includes active members and invited members.